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cruise ship accident - Concordia running aground (not sinking! )

I keep hearing people talk trash about the captain of the Concordia. Here you go people, talking shit about something you know NOTHNIG about. Even our freaking pastor talked about it at church. Have any of you fucks ever been on a ship for more than a day?

GIVE ME A FUCKING break. The captain got most of the people out, and he kept the ship from FUCKING sinking. The ship didn't sink, its right there for everyone to see and for most of the passengers to talk about. Most everyone lived !! Give the captain and crew a break for gods sake!

Who is at FAULT? How about the fucked company who runs these ships with too little crew? How about the fucked up government who doesn't make laws to ENSURE Adequate manning of the cruiseline? How about blame our fucking bureacrats for instance? Why not blame someone else? Hoe about that?

And yes I have spent FOUR YEARS running large ships through the ocean, so I know what the fuck I am talking about. Unlike most other commentators.
Give me a break.

remember the title,
cruise ship accident - Concordia running aground (not sinking! )
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