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Stop buying Chinese goods! China continues to jail and arrest people who voice any opinion of the big brother Chinese government. Make them hear you! Stop your purchases of anything "Made in China". There are alternatives to chinese made goods! This guy Xiaobo was under house arrest for several month, now the men in black haul him off to jail. If only a few houses on every street stop buying Chinese, the government will get the message that their country will not prosper this way. I noticed the Chinese are trying to edit wikipedia and label Xiaobo as a wacko professor who just wants fame. Nice try.

Taiwan's government has expressed concern over the arrest of a leading Chinese dissident named Liu Xiaobo.

Liu was detained last December just before the publication of a document that he co-authored calling for political change in China. Liu was charged with spreading rumors, defaming the government and inciting subversion. China's official Xinhua News Agency has confirmed his arrest.

On Thursday Taiwan's government spokesman Su Jun-bin explained the government's response.

"We are not happy to see anything that hurts human rights [in China]. [I believe] the international community will also express its concerns," said Su.

Meanwhile, a local non-governmental organization, the Judicial Reform Foundation, said Taiwan's NGOs will muster support for the jailed dissident. The foundation's chairperson, Lin Fong-cheng, said that China should learn from Taiwan's experience.

"In the past, Taiwan's criminal law contained Article 100 which [punished] those charged with subversion. After relentless efforts, Taiwan finally abolished the law in 1991. History taught us a lot. Chinese leaders should take a look at Taiwan's development to get an idea of China's future," said Lin.
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